The Top 12 AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023

In this guide, you’ll discover some of the best AI tools for digital marketing, from content creation to customer retention.

How AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is single-handedly turning the internet upside down. Companies worldwide are reaping the benefits, no matter their industry. If you thought digital marketing was booming before, you’ll be shocked at the evolution AI has had in just a blip of time.  

Integrating AI tools into your Digital Marketing strategy offers the ultimate flexibility – you can look at software, apps, and platforms for content creation, market trends, research, data management, and even operational efficiencies to help you get noticed and land dream-worthy metrics. 

Want to know more? In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the benefits and shine some light on the AI tools you need to make some waves with your 2023 Digital Marketing Strategy. 

What are AI Marketing Tools? 

AI marketing tools have completely revolutionized every asset of current digital marketing. Whether in the shape or form of software, applications, and platforms, they have the capacity to skyrocket workflow efficiencies, create content, forecast and decipher market trends, and more, making it easy to see why markers are integrating 2023’s best AI marketing tools to get results. 

How are AI Tools Used in Digital Marketing?

The biggest misconception with AI marketing tools is that they just help with data crunching, but AI marketing tools are much more than that: 

Marketing Campaigns 

The best AI marketing tools can holistically enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Picture a scenario where your marketing campaign is not just reaching a wide audience but the right audience. AI helps target and optimize your campaigns, ensuring your message lands in front of those most likely to engage and convert.

Upgrading Customer Experience  

We can’t underrate the significant benefit of using AI marketing tools to upgrade your customer experience! Through in-depth analysis and prediction of customer behavior, artificial intelligence will personalize and tailor experiences for each individual user, creating a deeper resonance with your brand and products. 

Have you ever wondered how some platforms seem to ‘know’ exactly what you’re interested in? That’s an AI marketing tool working behind the scenes to understand your preferences and deliver a bespoke experience.

Optimizing Workflows 

Having artificial intelligence automate your time-consuming tasks and processes will skyrocket your marketing team’s efficiency. More efficiency means less wastage and more room for growth, ultimately driving more sales. In a fast-paced and competitive digital world, every second saved is a huge benefit.

Captivating Content Creation 

With its ability to sift through data and identify trends faster than any human ever could, AI enables you to stay ahead of the curve, delivering fresh, relevant content that catches attention and sparks conversations. 

Artificial intelligence will transform your audience from passive brand bystanders into active participants with its high-quality, custom, and publish-ready articles, videos, social media posts or even tailored content strategy plans. It’s not magic – it’s AI. 

AI, once just a buzzword, has now become an indispensable part of a successful digital marketing strategy. It isn’t just about keeping up anymore – it’s about getting current and staying ahead. By taking baby steps or jumping straight in, you can begin harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in your business and see unfathomable results. 

What are the Benefits of Using AI Tools for Digital Marketing?

We’re living in a digital world, meaning staying current and hitting business goals needs digital solutions. In 2023 AI marketing tools are some of the most popular SaaS for their vast benefits, often resulting in them paying for themself if they aren’t already free! 

Optimize Marketing Strategies

These urbane digital marketing tools are already talked about for their ability to optimize marketing strategies, but did you know that you can use AI marketing tools’ robust algorithms to analyze buyer data and predict future trends? What about the way they revolutionize customer service by automating routine interactions? You can, and the benefits of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing space are boundless. 

Communication Tools

Imagine AI communication tools (such as state-of-the-art, human-like chatbots) tackling customer inquiries 24/7, freeing up your team’s valuable time for more strategic and complex issues for completely enhanced customer success and dreamy bottom-line results. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Based on customer behavior, preferences, and other demographics, AI marketing tools can tailor marketing messages to provide a seamlessly unique and highly personalized customer experience that will form deeper relationships with higher retention, engagement, and conversions. 

AI marketing tools serve as an empowering agent, allowing businesses to execute highly effective marketing campaigns, tailored digital marketing strategies with a competitive edge, operate more efficiently, strategize more effectively, and connect with their customers on a deeper level.

✓ Customized marketing strategies crafted to drive results

✓ Data analyzed in minutes to help your business with evidence-based decision-making

✓ Cost effective money saving solution known for its ROI 

✓ Heightened customer success through automation and personalization 

✓ Higher brand and product visibility with dynamic upselling and targeting

✓ Reduced human error and amplified consistency across campaigns 

✓ Futureproof with predictive analysis of market trends and behavior 

✓ Generate fresh, engaging content crafted to get you results

What are the Top 12 AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023?


Renowned as one of the best artificial intelligence tools for digital marketing, Jasper uses complex machine learning algorithms to understand your brand, your audience, and the type of message you wish to convey for next-level content creation that breathes life into your marketing initiatives. Digital Marketers will love Jasper because it is built for creating content, making it the closest to employing an actual copywriter that AI can get. 

Whether it be captivating social media posts, lust-worthy product descriptions, or even full-blown marketing campaigns, Jasper integrates your brand voice to resonate deeper with your audience and doesn’t just put words to paper but crafts content meant to convert. 


✓ Specializes in high-quality content creation

✓ Customizable language models 

✓ High-quality, creative output 

✓ Quick content generation 

✓ User-friendly interface


✕ Can’t entirely replace human creativity 

✕ May require fine-tuning for certain stylistic preferences 

✕ Effective usage demands proper input 

✕ Cost might not suit every budget 

✕ Mastery over features requires time


LiveChat is the pinnacle of customer service AI marketing tools and has received clout for helping businesses across the globe automate their customer interaction process to handle high-volume customer inquiry demands with personalized touches, no matter what time of day or night it is. Not only does LiveChat ensure a customer never goes unanswered, it takes on your brand voice for a seamless feel, meaning your customers will never know they are working with AI. 

The result? A market-leading business solution that creates efficiencies in your workflows and ensures customers feel heard, appreciated, and valued. LiveChat is easily one of the best AI marketing tools to integrate into your digital marketing strategy if you’re looking to drive customer success scores, save time and money with streamlined operations, and amplify your brand reputation.


✓ Personalized responses to customer inquiries

✓ Provides real-time support around the clock 

✓ Efficiently manages high-volume traffic 

✓ Frees staff to focus on strategic and complex tasks 

✓ Seamless integration across multiple platforms


✕ Limited to chat-based customer interactions 

✕ May struggle with sophisticated inquiries 

✕ Occasional impersonal interactions 

✕ Requires supervision and input for optimal function 

✕ Initial setup and integration can be time-intensive

Seventh Sense

Looking to optimize your email marketing? Seventh Sense is an AI marketing tool that will revolutionize the way you email market. 

Seventh Sense is adored for its ability to decode your audience’s behavior and engagement patterns for a communication strategy proven to get you more results. 

Because Seventh Sense has a specialist focus on optimizing email marketing, it goes beyond just scheduling like so many other SaaS on the market. It provides data-driven insights to guarantee your messages land in your audience’s inbox at the right time for the maximum open rate and engagement for a foolproof communication strategy. 

The highly personalized, dynamic emails can reach conversion rates never reached in sans-artificial intelligence campaigns, revolutionizing the digital marketing space.  


✓ Pinpoints the ideal sending time for maximizing results

✓ Leverages data for tailored content for each viewer 

✓ Adapts to the unique behavior of every contact 

✓ Straightforward, intuitive user experience

✓ Easy integration with popular email marketing platforms


✕ Limited to email marketing 

✕ Relying solely on historical data may miss out on real-time trends 

✕ Need for good quality and ample email data for best results 

✕ Can be redundant if the target audience is in a similar time zone 

✕ Cost might not suit every budget 


Are you looking for a CDP (Customer Data Platform)? Optimove might be your new best friend. With a focus on customer retention, this artificial intelligence tool is designed to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value. It has gained a following as one of the best AI marketing tools of 2023, and it’s easy to see why. 

Implementing sophisticated machine learning, Optimove predicts much-valued customer behavior and suggests personalized marketing actions at scale and across multiple channel campaigns in real-time. These hyper-personalized customer experiences drive tailored interactions that resonate, making each connection count for maximized results.


✓ Excels in multi-channel campaign orchestration 

✓ Uses AI to craft highly personalized customer experiences 

✓ Employs analytics for effective audience segmentation 

✓ Enables real-time responses to customer behavior 

✓ Intuitive and user-friendly platform


✕ Requires high-quality, comprehensive customer data for best results 

✕ Implementation may require technical expertise 

✕ Not ever budget may find this suitable

✕ Can be complex for novice marketers 

✕ More suited for B2C companies than B2B scenarios


Spearheading a new approach to digital marketing, Phrasee has gained a name for itself. It leverages a unique AI system trained across thousands of experiments. This powerhouse AI marketing tool has the uncanny ability to forecast which content will resound the most with your audience, offering businesses a fresh way to maximize consumer engagement and drive conversions over other marketing tools.

Phrasee goes beyond just content creation; it’s about transforming your marketing strategies and assets into persuasive instruments tailored to your brand voice. With access to nearly a decade of historical data and a multitude of metrics, Phrasee offers an enterprise-grade solution that surpasses expectations. 

From click-worthy email subject lines to social media posts that get your followers to engage with your brand, Phrasee boasts ‘scandal-proof’ content with a wrote-by-a-copywriter feel that is purpose made to convert.


✓ Renowned for increasing engagement

✓ Predicts and optimizes content for maximum audience resonance 

✓ Helps create brand-consistent, controversy-free content 

✓ Uses multiple metrics for advanced optimization 

✓ Ideal for email and social media marketing


✕ Narrow focus on text-based content

✕ Output quality relies on the quality of data input 

✕ Not every budget may find this suitable

✕ Understanding AI-generated suggestions could be a learning curve

With video taking over the internet, is standing out as a top-tier AI marketing tool for its specialization in transcription services. In minutes, it will transform video or audio files into accurate text in real-time, making it a powerful ally for marketers seeking to leverage podcasts, webinars, or meetings into engaging written content to further widen their digital footprint without endless hours spent on content creation. supersedes traditional transcript tools in its ability to distinguish individual speakers for perfect transcriptions every time. If you’re tired of taking meeting notes, businesses will be screaming over this AI marketing tool’s ability to capture and summarize key points!

With its unmatched speed and accuracy, empowers digital marketers to create blog posts, articles, or social media content from audio sources to further your SEO efforts, cut down on hours spent on content creation, driving cross-channel engagement, backlink opportunities, and brand impressions. 


✓ Specializes in real-time, accurate transcription 

✓ Identifies individual speakers for easy transcript navigation 

✓ Summarizes key points, acting as a digital note-taker 

✓ Enables content repurposing from audio sources 

✓ User-friendly interface and process


✕ Not geared towards traditional marketing tasks like content creation or analytics 

✕ May struggle with heavy accents

✕ Requires high-quality audio input for best results 

✕ Not all languages are supported 


Designed with digital marketers in mind GrowthBar covers everything, from SEO research and strategy to content creation and press releases. It has gained momentum as one of the best AI marketing tools of 2023 by helping businesses of all shapes and sizes outshine the competition across every marketing channel.

GrowthBar has become the new one-stop-shop AI marketing tool for digital marketing strategies that helps plan a content roadmap with over seven billion keyword suggestions, difficulty scores, competitor analysis and estimated revenue metrics before delving into tailored content creation. 

You’ll have optimized and plagiarism-free copy in just a few minutes with the ability to invite and collaborate with your team or audit your existing blog posts, ensuring you take advantage of every opportunity to publish optimized content.


✓ One stop shop / great all-rounder for digital marketing 

Chrome extension for SEO insights from your browser

✓ Extensive keyword suggestions and competitor insights 

✓ Rapid, SEO-optimized content creation with team collaboration features 

✓ SEO auditing capabilities for existing posts


✕ Brand Voice feature is new compared to other tools

✕ Can be less accurate than niche SEO tools as it’s estimate based

✕ Fact-checking is recommended
✕ Some consider it less intuitive than other AI Marketing Tools

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is making waves in the digital marketing space as the AI marketing tool you need to bring aboard for optimization. You’ll feel like you have an SEO expert by your side with real-time data-driven insights on keywords, phrases, and content structure and a numeric score on how optimized your content is – all while you’re writing!

Surfer SEO’s unique deep SEO integration has made it a fan-favorite with SEO marketing agencies to businesses of all sizes alike. It doesn’t just tell you what to write to have search engines loving your content, but it helps you write for your content, ensuring it is always relevant, ranking, and resonating. Your bottom line and your audience will thank you! 

Whether tweaking an existing piece or starting a new one, Surfer SEO’s algorithm guides you in optimizing every word for search engines. The best part? Its actionable SEO metrics are presented in an easy-to-digest format, making SEO less daunting, no matter your skill level.


✓ Real-time, data-driven SEO insights

✓ Browser-based content writer for easy sharing and collaborating

✓ Easy integration with existing content tools

✓ User-friendly SEO metrics 

✓ Excellent for beginners and advanced SEO practitioners


✕ No direct content creation capabilities

✕ Lacks multi-language support

✕ Some may find its analysis too exhaustive

✕ The keyword research tool is less comprehensive than others in the market


Accidentally publishing content or sending an email with poor grammar or spelling errors is a thing of the past, with Grammarly as your ever-vigilant, AI-powered proofreader and writing coach rolled into one. 

Whether it’s emails, social media posts, or blog articles, Grammarly has been the go-to tool for ensuring error-free content for millions of users. 

Not sure you like what you wrote? You’ll love the intelligent writing suggestions that allow you to rephrase, shorten, adjust tone or even the goal of your copy, saving you time while ensuring your message hits the mark every time. Digital marketers who need their content to be sharp, clear, and compelling will swoon over Grammarly!

One of Grammarly’s core strengths is its ease of use. Its browser extension can proofread and enhance your writing almost anywhere on the web, and it offers a personalized writing report to help you improve your skills over time. 

Pro Tip: Using the Grammarly browser extension while you write in Surfer SEO is a digital marketing power couple you don’t want to overlook!


✓ Advanced grammar and spelling checks 

✓ Offers tone and style suggestions 

✓ Works across multiple platforms and web spaces 

✓ Personalized writing reports for status and improvements

✓ User-friendly interface


✕ Advanced features require a premium subscription 

✕ May not catch every single error 

✕ Does not replace a proofreader for highly professional projects

✕ Some suggestions may not always be applicable


Surpassing its competitors, Personalize, an AI marketing tool for personalization, drives more than 25% revenue growth by unlocking the full potential of customer data. 

Does 25% revenue growth sound good to you? Personalize taps into the full potential of your customer data to bring you proven results. The proof is in the stats! 

Their AI marketing tool analyzes customer interactions, loyalty rewards data, and campaign responses to create a foolproof and impactful customer experience laced with irresistible content and offers tailored directly to each and every viewer’s preferences or demographics. 

Built-in testing and real-time feedback mechanisms ensure marketing efforts are always on their game. Personalize’s track record speaks volumes, with proven revenue growth and customer retention improvements across multiple industries, making it one of our best AI marketing tools of 2023.


✓ Customization to suit your business 

✓ Increases engagement, revenue, and customer retention

✓ Adapts to shifting consumer behaviors in real-time 

✓ Helps you access customer data in line with regulations

✓ Proven track record across multiple industries


✕ Requires an in-depth understanding of customer data 

✕ Results might take time to materialize 

✕ The setup could be a bit challenging for beginners 

✕ Data privacy laws may occasionally limit functionality

✕ Might not be cost-effective for some businesses 


Zapier stands tall as an impressive AI marketing tool that masters the art of automation, acting as the ultimate time-saver for any digital marketing team. Its primary use lies in linking various web applications together for a seamless and custom workflow (called ‘Zaps’), with data easily passing between your most-used online platforms for a ‘hub’ type work experience.

Zapier is renowned for its ability to construct complex, automated sequences across over 3000 applications meaning your CRM can info-share with your email marketing tool, or your social media posts can trigger actions in your project management app. This effortless integration not only streamlines how you work but also allows for more precise targeting in your digital marketing campaigns with fewer human errors so you and your team can focus on the things that really matter in the business.


✓ Supports automation across more than 3000 applications 

✓ Frees up the team to focus on strategic tasks 

✓ Enables the creation of customized and complex automated workflows

✓ Provides excellent customer support and resources 


✕ Can be a learning curve for complex workflows

✕ Occasional sync delays between applications 

✕ Can become costly for extensive use

✕ Premium can fall outside of budget, while the free version may be too simple


Looking to expand and manage your social media and online reputation? Brand24 is a social listening and online reputation management tool with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and is a favored asset for any digital marketing strategy seeking to keep a finger on the pulse of public sentiment. 

Crafted to automatically track and analyze online mentions of your brand across various digital channels, it opens a new avenue of engagement and real-time response to your audience’s concerns or praises, a task that’s never been performed this efficiently before! 

What makes it a leader in the market is its ability to take the data from your online platforms and distill it into high-impact actionable insights that rev up the business’s reputation and place you always ahead of the conversation, guiding your brand’s narrative in the digital ecosystem.


✓ Real-time social media and internet monitoring for mentions

✓ In-depth sentiment analysis for strategic responses 

✓ Identifies influencer opportunities for enhanced outreach 

✓ Intuitive dashboard for easy access to analytics 

✓ Strong competitor analysis capabilities

✓ Allows immediate customer engagement for timely reactions 


✕ Lack of integration with other marketing tools 

✕ Limited capacity for historical data retrieval 

✕ Sentiment analysis may require human verification for accuracy 

✕ High volume of data might need filtration for relevance 

✕ Support response times can be improved.


From customer data management to content creation and everything in between, digital marketing has never been this exciting or this accessible! 

Now that we’ve journeyed through the best AI marketing tools of 2023, just remember that choosing the best AI marketing tool to conquer your digital marketing strategy should be based on your product offering, your target audience, and the brand image you’re striving to build, and now you have all the details you need to make an informed choice!

It’s clear that AI marketing tools are here to stay, don’t wait to tap into your true business potential! Click here for our downloadable list of exceptional AI tools meticulously handpicked by Online Success Genie and get started.