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Hi, I'm Dave Fonvielle, and this website helps you do more (automate business tasks, scale up  business efforts), earn more (make more money), and save more (save time and money).

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Dave Fonvielle

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Sheets Genie

Sheets Genie lets you automate tasks in Google Sheets to save you time and effort and help you scale up your Google Sheets related business activities.

P.S.: I created it, so if there's anything you'd love Sheets Genie to do, let me know.

Business Tools

Check out the business tools page, which covers some of the most crucial tools entrepreneurs and startups need to succeed online.

I invest thousands in business tool deals each year, and on this page I give tips for saving money.

About Dave Fonvielle

I have an M.A. in Philosophy that has made me exactly zero dollars. Fortunately, my marketing skills have enabled me to make a living online since 2011. On this website, I share Sheets Genie, a tool I created that helps you automate tasks in Google Sheets. An entrepreneur at heart, I grew up in Brazil, where I first became a successful entrepreneur selling American candy to my Brazilian classmates.

Word on the street about Sheets Genie

Some Deep Guy

Google Sheets Enthusiast 1

"I hear Dave is going to release Sheets Genie 2.0 soon. I wonder what that means..."

Some Happy Woman

Google Sheets Enthusiast 2

"It means it's going to be awesome! Nothing's more fun or exciting in life than spreadsheets. Nothing!"

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