The Top 10 AI Social Media Tools of 2023

Want to boost your social media presence? Check out our guide to the top 10 AI social media tools of 2023.

Why Are AI social Media Tools Helpful?

With social media use on the rise, posting content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing.

But using social media to grow your business can be challenging. Creating, scheduling, and posting regular content takes time and effort. This is where AI social media tools enter the picture.

Incorporating AI tools in their social media efforts helps companies engage their target audience and grow their brand’s online presence. With the right AI tool, businesses can optimize content creation, streamline their social media management and achieve market success.

This article will walk you through the benefits of using AI tools for social media management and marketing and the ten best AI social media tools of 2023.

What Are AI Tools for Social Media?

Social media AI tools are software, apps, and platforms used to create social media posts and manage and optimize social media content and strategy.

AI tools for social media use artificial intelligence and machine learning processes to automate social media marketing and management, letting creators invest more time and effort into developing unique content that promotes their online presence.

AI-powered tools analyze consumer preferences to develop an effective social media strategy and generate eye-catching content. These tools help businesses streamline their social media management practices and organize their workflow, making it easier for companies to enhance their social media efforts and achieve their marketing goals.

Social media AI tools draw advanced audience insights from analyzing large volumes of data to help businesses make impactful social media posts that solidify their brand image.

What Are the Benefits of Using AI Social Media Tools?

Digital marketing is a rapidly progressing industry, and with the advent of technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions have taken center stage in the social media marketing world.

Social media marketers can find it challenging to optimize using social media for impactful marketing. With AI-powered marketing tools, companies can manage their social media platforms more efficiently and utilize their online presence to attract more customers.

Here are some benefits of using social media AI tools to manage your content and enhance your brand image.

Effective Social Media Planning

AI social media tools are a great creative aid for content creators. An AI tool can speed up the ideation process and generate catchy content ideas in significantly less time than a human would take. This helps social media managers plan their workflow and utilize time more efficiently as the brainstorming process is expedited.

Automated Content Creation

An AI social media tool automates repetitive tasks, which saves time and makes social media project management more efficient. With AI tools automating routine tasks, content creators can focus on creating fresh ideas that draw in new customers. AI tools for social media are also adept at paraphrasing content to create original pieces that are easy to use.

Quicker Media Consumption

AI marketing tools help marketers consume relevant information from different social media networks faster to stay up-to-date and develop effective social media strategies. AI tools are also much quicker at reviewing lengthy articles and videos than humans. This means they can efficiently sift out relevant information and summarize long-form content into bite-size posts that attract social media users.

The Top 10 AI Social Media Tools of 2023


Planable is a popular social media management tool that helps businesses create and schedule written content for any social media post.

Planable makes social media project management easy by providing efficient team collaboration with its comprehensive content calendar, personalizable social media workflow, and co-op content creation feature.

With Planable, you can automate your content publication process, allowing you to simultaneously make social media posts across different platforms.

Planable’s AI social wingman helps you generate social media posts based on your target audience’s preferences. Creating content has never been easier than with Planable’s AI technology, which can create a new post or complete an unfinished one, all while matching your writing style and tone.


  • Provides extensive collaboration features, a comprehensive posting schedule, and a visual calendar to help users develop an effective social media strategy
  • Features an easy-to-use interface
  • Offers multiple ways to view your feed, from grid to calendar formats
  • Allows users to manage various social media channels simultaneously
  • Allows users to post across multiple social media platforms
  • Offers a free mobile version
  • Enables Guest Access so users can share their social media progress with anyone


  • It does not offer any built-in analytics tools for social media posts
  • Supports limited social media platforms, which include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, TikTok, and Twitter – doesn’t support Pinterest
  • The schedule function may lag on occasion


Planable offers a free version that allows you to make 50 social media posts.

The pricing plans include the following:

  • A Basic Plan at 11 USD per user.
  • A Pro Plan at 22 USD per user.
  • A Custom Plan with flexible pricing that is determined after you select the features you want to use.


Heyday is a conversational social media tool that uses AI to create content for chatbots and interact with customers in real time.

Heyday’s AI social media tool allows businesses to create no-code chatbots for top social media platforms, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Instagram, and Shopify.

With chatbots that use natural language processing to provide customer support, Heyday gives businesses a human-like communication channel capable of generating personalized responses to customer concerns.

Heyday also helps businesses develop an effective marketing strategy by drawing valuable insights into market trends and customer preferences through its data analytics function.

As Heyday’s AI services automate social media marketing through its round-the-clock customer services, companies have more time to invest in growing their business than attending to their social media management needs.


  • Creates AI-generated content for chatbots
  • Uses natural language processing and natural language generation to make personalized product recommendations
  • Enables customer service agents to have high-value interactions
  • Features a user-friendly interface


  • Loading speed for pages may be slow at times
  • It does not work with inbound emails


Heyday’s pricing plans start at 49 USD per month and go up to 1000 USD per month, depending on the features you select in your package.


Lately is an all-in-one social media management software that uses AI to help marketers create and schedule content across different digital platforms.

The AI social media tool can recognize context from a greater collection of content and use it to generate promotional social media posts.

With its impactful content ideas, Lately is adept at driving social sales and amplifying your social media presence.

Lately features a dashboard of social media tools, including marketing and smart scheduling tools. Along with this, Lately can analyze historical metrics on social media networks, which can help marketers determine the posting times during which they could reach the most important target audience.

Content creators can also use Lately to make videos, blog posts, and long-form social media posts in different languages. Its AI services automate social media management and make content creation more efficient, making it popular among social media marketers.


  • Provides topic sourcing by analyzing existing content and coming up with new ideas based on the interests of a target audience
  • Uses AI to create social media posts from long-form content
  • It makes social media content creation more efficient
  • It makes executing social media strategy easier


  • It does not offer integrations with platforms like Slack
  • Does not create social media content from scratch; instead, it converts long-form content into bite-size chunks


Lately offers three pricing plans, which are as follows:

  • A Starter plan at 99 USD per month, billed annually. This account supports a single user for one social media account.
  • A Pro plan at 179 USD per month, billed annually. This account supports a single user for up to 20 social media accounts.
  • An Enterprise plan for businesses and agencies with flexible pricing depending on your selected features.


Quillbot is a paraphrasing AI social media tool allowing marketers to use existing content to create new social media strategies.

With Quillbot’s AI services, you can recycle old content by paraphrasing and summarizing it into brand-new social media posts.

As one of the most popular rewrite tools for social media, Quillbot is equipped to check your grammar and spelling, detect plagiarism, and generate citations. Quillbot can also be used in any text editor or web browser, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Quillbot ensures that the original context is retained during the rewriting process. With its vocabulary enhancement and catchy writing styles, Quillbot is a great AI tool for businesses that want to use past content to develop new social media marketing strategies.


  • Improves writing and enhances fluency through word choice, phrasing, and grammar correction suggestions
  • Offers a refund policy on its paid plans
  • Has a free language translator available
  • Features a user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Has extensions for Chrome, Microsoft Word, and MacOS


  • The free version is limited to 125 words and does not include co-writer or plagiarism detector
  • It does not offer AI content detection
  • It may require manual intervention at times


Quillbot offers a free version with limited features and three paid versions. Its annual plan is priced at 8.33 USD per month, the semi-annual plan is priced at 13.33 USD per month, and the monthly plan is priced at 19.95 USD per month.


Flick is an AI social media tool that enables users to create personalized content more efficiently. With Flick, you can streamline your marketing efforts and generate catchy captions more efficiently.

Flick helps you brainstorm, write, and edit faster, coming up with new content ideas based on topics you show interest in.

Flick also features a ‘Content Planner’ that helps you map your content ideas and organize your social posts. Some of the other functions Flick serves are social media scheduling, reporting, and analytics. Flick also allows users to create customized hashtags to improve their social media performance.

Flick’s AI social media assistant helps enhance your brand’s social media presence by creating original captions that engage social media users and help you become a proficient copywriter.


  • Helps you support your presence on Instagram with quality hashtags available in over 20 languages
  • Provides an extensive hashtag search option
  • Assists in creating unique, catchy captions
  • Features an intuitive interface
  • Can analyze data and draw valuable insights that help in content management


  • Is specific to Instagram
  • Pricing plans may not suit everyone


Flick has three pricing plans and offers a seven-day free trial on all of them.

  • A Solo plan at 11 GBP per month (approximately 14 USD).
  • A Pro plan at 24 GBP per month (approximately 31 USD).
  • An Enterprise plan at 55 GBP per month (approximately 71 USD).


Murf is an AI voice-generating tool for social media that produces natural-sounding voiceovers in over 20 different languages and 120 different voices. With Murf, you can create realistic human-sounding audio that conveys the emotions and tone you want it to. 

But wait, it gets better. You can also use Murf to edit existing audio or create videos from scratch.

Murf features an AI-powered test-to-speech program to generate and edit voiceovers with ease and efficiency. With Murf, you can save the money you need to hire voice actors, develop a script, and record and edit the final production.

Murf allows you to control your AI-generated voice’s pitch, volume, speed, and tone and tweak it according to your needs. With Murf’s state-of-the-art technology, you can find convincing voices for your social media video content.


  • Highly flexible and customizable, letting you generate male and female voices in different tones, pitches, and volumes
  • It enables you to edit the speed and quality of your voiceover videos to suit your social media content
  • Offers additional voice filters like monster voices and helium voices
  • It has a Google Slides add-on feature that lets you incorporate voiceovers into your Google Slides presentations
  • Has a powerful data protection and security system in place


  • AI-generated voices may mispronounce words at times
  • Some users may find Murf’s pricing steep
  • Offers a limited subscription plan


Murf offers a free version with limited features for ten minutes of voice generation and three pricing plans which are as follows.

  • Basic plan at 19 USD per month includes essential features and basic voices.
  • Pro plan at 26 USD per month that allows you to create high-quality voiceovers.
  • Enterprise plan at 99 USD per month for customization and unlimited access.


ContentStudio is one of the most popular social media management tools on the market. It helps businesses organize, edit, and schedule content for all their social media channels from one platform.

ContentStudio’s AI technology allows social media managers to discover new content ideas and automate social media scheduling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and WordPress.

ContentStudio also features an AI writer that creates post hashtags, adds emojis and inserts images to make your posts stand out. With its customizable, ready-to-use templates, you can start producing content that attracts social media audiences and helps grow your business.

ContentStudio’s ‘Discovery’ feature sifts through social media data to find popular content so that you can stay up-to-date with trends and videos that increase user engagement.


  • Allows you to schedule posts and manage direct messages all from one platform
  • Adds one or more photos to make your posts look creative and unique
  • Handles messages from all your social media channels in one centralized location
  • Assigns conversations to team members for effective communication and collaboration
  • Features a user-friendly interface
  • Creates a unified content feed so you can view all your posts across multiple social media platforms


  • Does not offer direct publication on Instagram
  • It does not provide competitor tracking
  • Users may face bugs at times


ContentStudio offers three paid plans, each with a 14-day free trial.

  • The Starter plan is priced at 25 USD monthly and supports up to five social media accounts.
  • The Pro plan is priced at 45 USD monthly and supports up to ten social media accounts.
  • The Agency plan is priced at 99 USD monthly and supports up to 25 social media accounts.


Podcastle is an audio and video-generating AI social media tool specializing in recording and editing podcasts.

With Podcastle, you can use written content to create AI-generated audio and video records to up your social media marketing game. With HD video quality and premium sound recordings, Podcastle enables you to produce flawless, professional podcasts at affordable prices.

Podcastle also allows users to transcript video and audio files into written content. With its AI-powered transcription tool, Podcastle ensures that your text is accurate and your content is engaging.

Podcastle also features a robust sound enhancement system that mitigates background noise, filler words, and awkward pauses with just a few clicks, g]leaving you with professional-sounding video content.


  • Creates professional-sounding podcasts
  • Uses ‘Magic Dust’ to remove unnecessary sounds and leave you with a clear audio
  • It makes audio and video editing easy
  • Offers text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion
  • Has a Google Chrome extension
  • Enables remote interviewing by recording up to ten participants at a time


  • Is involved in content creation but does not schedule posts or analyze data
  • It may lag on some browsers


Podcastle offers a free Basic plan that gives you up to three hours of video recording time. It has two paid plans, which are the following:

  • The Storyteller plan is priced at 11.99 USD and offers up to 8 hours of video recording.
  • The Pro plan is priced at 23.99 USD and offers up to 20 hours of video recording.


Brandwatch is an AI tool that provides smart solutions for social media management. It uses AI and machine learning to automate social media tasks and streamline content creation and management.

Brandwatch offers features like social media monitoring and social listening from major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr so that you can create content that engages your audience and boosts your sales.

Brandwatch also includes an analytics dashboard that generates insightful reports regarding consumer patterns and market trends so that you can develop effective social media strategies that enhance your brand’s social media presence.

As a social media management tool, Brandwatch tracks your historical metrics so that you are aware of your social media performance compared to other companies.


  • Offers a unified content management system that allows you to create, edit, and schedule posts from one platform
  • Provides excellent customer support services
  • Features an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Incorporates AI for social listening to draw advanced audience insights that help grow your brand
  • Allows you to manage multiple social media channels


  • Users may face connectivity issues
  • It does not offer video content creation


Brandwatch offers custom prices based on your case and the features you select.


Cortex is an AI social media tool for creating and sharing optimized content.

With Cortex, you get recommendations on when and how frequently you should post based on your historical post data. Along with this, Cortex also generates extensive competitor analysis reports so that you can continue making engaging content.

Cortex uses AI technology to automate content creation, social post scheduling, reporting, analytics, and social monitoring, making it the perfect all-in-one management solution for social media marketers.

Cortex uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly improve its social media strategy and simplify social media management.


  • Gives recommendations on when and how often you should post
  • Generates detailed competitor analysis
  • Features a post and social schedule dashboard
  • Identifies and analyzes image colors that will increase audience engagement
  • Tracks your social media performance in real-time


  • It may take a few tries to make changes to any blog post you write using Cortex
  • Some users may consider it to be a bit pricey


Cortex offers a free version with limited features and two paid plans. The Lite plan is priced at 23.99 USD per month, and the Unlimited plan is priced at 83.99 USD per month.


Although artificial intelligence is relatively new in the world of social media management and marketing, it offers efficient solutions that save time and cut down human labor costs.

Investing in a robust social media AI tool that helps you keep up with market trends is essential in maintaining your competitive edge in today’s intense business world.

With the wide range of available options, choosing an AI tool can seem daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. After having gone through this article, you are equipped with all the information you need to pick out the AI social media tool that’s right for your business needs.

You can click here to get a downloadable list of great AI tools recommended by Online Success Genie.