Click Testing for Authors Review: Is Steve Pieper’s Course Worth It?

If you’re looking for Click Testing for Authors reviews from actual, paying students to see if the price of Steve Pieper’s course is worth it, this is the ultimate review for answering that question. I paid to take Steve’s AMMO course, which later evolved into his Click Testing for Authors and Direct Selling for Authors courses. (More on this in a moment.)

Later in this review I discuss my thoughts on the course’s pricing, especially since this can be a pricey course for some people. I’ve provided the best price I could find for CTA, but be aware from the start that its cost will likely be one of the largest factors to consider when evaluating for yourself whether the course is worth taking.

Also, be aware that the cost of implementing CTA strategies goes beyond the price of the course, since you’ll invest in Facebook ads to make Steve’s system work.

Finally, this review might contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and purchase something afterwards, I could make a commission at no extra cost to you. So thank you in advance if you do that.

Steve Pieper Click Testing for Authors review from someone enrolled in the course

I became interested in Steve Pieper’s teachings, largely because I was interested in learning his optimization techniques for advertisements, landing pages, and book sales.

His instruction has definitely been worth the price of admission for me… Although it might not be worth it to you.

Hopefully this review will help you decide that one way or another, as I answer as many of your questions as possible about this online course.

Is Steve a trustworthy instructor?

There are a lot of shady people in the make money online world, but Steve is not one of them.

He practices what he preaches, and when you buy his courses, he gives you lifetime upgrades.

He writes under the pen name Lars Emmerich, and he uses his click testing methods to profitably promote his own books and courses.

If you’ve ever seen one of Steve’s ads and clicked on them to learn more about what he’s offering — well, you’ve already experienced how his methods work and gotten proof that he uses them himself.

What is the overall goal of the Click Testing for Authors course?

The big picture outcome with CTA is to sell more of your books to more people. So the big goal is more money, more readers.

But how does click testing help you achieve that?

Click testing helps you understand what your audience wants and needs, whether they have any interest in your books, and what the most effective marketing copy is that will drive readers to buy and read your books.

Yes, but what is click testing?

Click testing is learning what people click on to learn what truly interests them and drives them.

This is incredibly powerful, because sometimes people don’t consciously know what interests or drives them, or they don’t clearly and accurately reveal this information. Click testing cuts through all this murky water and gets to the truth of what your potential readers find compelling, which helps lead you to more sales, as well as a happier, larger audience.

For Steve’s course, click testing means creating Facebook ads (and, optionally, Instagram ads), that lets you test things like your book’s premise, book cover, taglines, and so on.

Steve teaches you a systematic process with benchmarks for identifying a good click rate that indicates strong reader interest and a greater likelihood of people purchasing your book.

Will this click testing course make you a rich, bestselling author?

The overall dream when taking this course is to make tons of book sales and have a lot more readers who are interested in your work. However, this course will not necessarily make that happen.

Instead, this course helps you discover what excites your readers the most, as well as the exact kinds of words and phrases you want to use in your marketing copy to maximize sales.

So, the CTA course provides a huge piece of the puzzle towards becoming a more profitable and successful author, but it does not guarantee this dream outcome.

Will Click Testing for Authors help you with both fiction and nonfiction books?

One of the best benefits of this course is that it teaches you how to do click testing for both fiction and nonfiction books.

In Steve’s previous version of this course, he only taught how to optimize and test for fiction books. So teaching you how to do optimization for nonfiction books as well has been a huge step forward, especially if you’re someone who is interested in writing both fiction and nonfiction.

FYI, help with nonfiction books is geared towards writing nonfiction that helps people solve problems that they would like to pay money to learn how to solve.

What is the difference between Click Testing for Authors and AMMO?

If you start looking for Steve Pieper reviews for the courses he teaches, you might come across his AMMO program, which stands for Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization. As of AMMO version 4, you can think of the full AMMO program as being 2 different courses for authors.

The first course is Click Testing for Authors, which has the broadest appeal, because you can benefit from it no matter how many books you’ve written. In fact, even if you’ve written 0 books, the click testing it teaches can help you determine whether your book idea is worth pursuing!

The other course is Direct Selling for Authors, which is geared towards authors who have written multiple books and had some success, and now they want to sell directly to their readers, cutting out the middlemen like Amazon as much as possible.

Click Testing for Authors is a pre-requisite for Direct Selling for Authors, so even if you’re interested in DSA, you still start with CTA.

Do other successful authors use Steve’s click testing methods?

Steve provides tons of examples of successful authors who use his click testing on his sales pages for CTA, mentioning authors like AJ Vanderhorst, Othniel Dory, Erin Athene, Alana Terry, and Naomi Rawlings.

Since there are so many testimonials from authors like these — and many more — I won’t belabor the point that lots of authors have used and profited from his click testing methods.

What extra tools do you need for the Click Testing for Authors course?

The main additional tools you’ll need is a Facebook (or Meta) account so that you can do the advertising, and a free tool like Canva to design your simple ads for click testing.

Are there any upsells with the CTA course?

You can optionally sign up for coaching calls where you share your marketing copy and results and get help on what to do. However, this is not required, and you are not hounded to do it.

People who have signed up for this coaching and benefited from it swear by it.

As for me, I have not yet paid for this service.

What exactly is included with the CTA course?

There are 12 video lessons that tend to fall in the 10 minute to 20 minute range each, except for a few videos. Each video has a transcription you can download, which is helpful.

This instruction walks you through the step by step process of running 6 click testing tests that build upon one another.

There are also some additional documents you can download for further help with your tests.

How much extra money can you expect to pay on ads?

The 6 test ads you’ll run each cost about $30 to $45, and they each run for about 24 to 36 hours. So each full round of tests will cost you about $200 to $300 overall.

The ideal result is discovering ads and marketing copy that is ideally worth thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions to you.

I would not go into this expecting just to pay $200 to $300 and then be done testing, however. This is more properly understood as the bare minimum additional money you’ll spend.

Can you get a discount on the course via a coupon or promo code?

I’m a big fan of discounts and saving money as much as possible, so if there’s a coupon code discount or promo code ever offered for Click Testing for Authors, I will include it immediately in the course link if possible. (See the top and bottom of this page.)

In general, Steve has experimented with discounts mostly from the standpoint of paying less if you pay for the course all at once upfront instead of in monthly installments.

Is the CTA course worth the price?

For me, this course was definitely worth the price due to the potential of what you can learn and achieve with click testing.

My only hesitation recommending this course is if you are in a difficult financial situation and cannot comfortably afford to buy this course, because there is no absolute guarantee of profitably selling tons of books as a result of click testing.

As a basic rule of thumb, if you cannot comfortably afford the cost of the course plus another $1,000 for running click tests, I would question whether the course is for you at this time. (I don’t like seeing people creating unnecessary financial stress for themselves.)

On the other hand, if you can comfortably afford this, I would look at this as an investment with a huge potential payoff. Even if it doesn’t pay off as much as you’d like, the risk is worth the reward, and you’ll inevitably learn so much about what does — and doesn’t — help you acquire more readers and sales.