A Complete Guide to the Best Webinar Technology of 2023

Webinar technology allows organizations and individuals to hold webinars for marketing, sales, teaching, and training purposes. When appropriately utilized, webinars make for highly effective communication tools.

The first step in executing a successful webinar is choosing the right software. This means looking for a webinar platform that meets your business needs and budget.

In this article, we will walk you through the top webinar software of 2023, key features, and pros and cons so that you have all the information required to pick out the software you need to conduct a seamless webinar.

What is Webinar Technology, and How Does it Work?

Webinar technology consists of video conferencing tools that enable users to host virtual events and attend live webinars. Webinar platforms can share video and audio broadcasts and live or pre-recorded presentations.

Many webinar platforms also offer features that encourage audience interaction. These include live chats, interactive polls, and surveys that enhance the attendees’ engagement and communication.

Businesses, teaching institutions, and marketing agencies use webinar software to host virtual events. Along with large organizations, individuals can also use a webinar platform to host live streams and attend online conferences.

So, how exactly is this technology used to host webinars?

To start with, you need to invest in good-quality webinar software. But that’s not all you need to ensure your virtual event goes smoothly. Here is a compilation of all the equipment associated with webinar technology that you may need to pull off a successful online event.

  • Webinar Software: A webinar platform will be needed to host and manage the live event.
  • Webcam: A webcam operates as a video camera and ensures you are visible during live streaming. This feature is essential for developing a personal connection with your audience.
  • Microphone and Headset: A microphone and headset allow you to be audible to your audience and help reduce background noise.
  • Computer: You need to download your webinar software on a computer to host a virtual event.
  • Stable Internet Connection: A stable and speedy Internet connection ensures your webinar runs smoothly. Arranging a backup Internet connection is also recommended to prevent any disruptions in your live presentation.
  • Monitor: It is a good idea to have a monitor accompanying your computer to allow you to present live and manage your webinar controls simultaneously.
  • Adequate Lighting: Investing in a good lighting source helps you look presentable to your audience and is a great way to make your webinar seem more professional.
  • Green Screen: With a green screen, you can manage and edit your background to make it more personalized.
  • Presentation Material: Presentation material such as PowerPoint or Prezi presentation can help enhance your webinar by providing your audience with visual references of your work.

Why is Webinar Software Important?

Webinar software, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, has proven to be an important business, marketing, and communications tool.

Companies and individuals can use a video conferencing platform to host virtual events with large audiences from across the globe. Let’s take a closer look at the many uses of webinar software to better understand its importance in this modern age of digitalization.

Connecting with Remote Audiences

Webinars are a great way to connect and share information with people across the globe. Through a webinar platform, you can expand your target audience and overcome the barrier of physical distance.

Improving Customer Support and Satisfaction

Webinars effectively offer personalized customer support and assistance in using a product or service. This helps companies satisfy their clients and build a loyal customer base.

Hosting Virtual Events

Webinar platforms are used by large corporations, small enterprise owners, and individuals. Through webinars, you can conduct online teaching and training workshops, seminars, business conferences, and meetings with attendees participating from the comfort of their homes.

Assisting in Networking and Business

As remote work becomes more common, webinars are becoming increasingly essential to networking, building contacts, and establishing strong business relationships. With the face-to-face contact webinars provided, it becomes easier to develop personal connections faster.

Enhancing Marketing and Increasing Sales

Through webinars, businesses can enhance their marketing and make it more personalized and engaging. This helps generate leads, increase sales, and earn more revenue.

Saving Time and Money

As webinars facilitate remote work, the need for in-person meetings decreases. This means that the time and money put into organizing such events can be eliminated, making webinars an efficient and cost-effective alternative for businesses.

Improving Work Flexibility

After the pandemic, as working from home has become the norm, webinars have played an unparalleled role in facilitating this transition to remote work. With a webinar, you can work, facing the challenge of distance or different time zones.

What to Look for in Webinar Technology?

Now that we have established the importance of webinar software, we will look at the factors you need to consider when choosing a platform to meet your business goals.

High-Quality Video and Audio

One of the most important factors to focus on when looking for webinar software is its video and audio quality. Your webinar platform should have high-quality video and audio for a smooth webinar.

Security Features

Investing in webinar software with security measures that protect the users’ data and privacy is recommended. These safety features can include encryption and password protection.


Software that permits users to customize webinar visuals, themes, and registrations is great for developing your brand image and setting a professional tone.

Audience Engagement Tools

Tools like interactive polls and live question-and-answer sessions help increase attendees’ participation and make your webinar more engaging. This is why it’s smart to confirm whether the software you are looking at offers these features.

Integration With Other Platforms

Another factor to focus on when choosing webinar software is whether or not your software integrates with other platforms. Ideally, webinar software should collaborate with CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, making tracking a webinar’s performance easier.

Customer Support Services

Good webinar platforms offer around-the-clock customer service and tutorials to help new users navigate their way without any difficulty.

Marketing Tools

Webinar platforms that include marketing tools like source tracking and CTAs can help generate leads and increase sales.

What are the Top Webinar Platforms of 2023?


Demio is one of the leading webinar platforms of 2023. With continuously growing software, Demio responds to the ever-changing needs of business and marketing teams, helping it secure its position as one of the most popular webinar platforms of the pandemic days.

Compared to other webinar software, Demio is unique because it offers automated webinars, live events, and a mix of pre-recorded and live webinars.

While hosting a webinar, Demio also permits presenters to conduct interactive polls, share documents and data, and send in questionnaires.

Key features:

  • Features a private chat that allows attendees to message presenters privately or send public messages.
  • A ‘stay registered’ option lets customers register once for a webinar series.
  • Permits webinar hosts to develop their registration and landing pages according to their brand image.
  • Offers an analytics function that can help draw valuable insights into your webinar’s performance
  • Promises improved attendee engagement through advanced features like polls, questionnaires, and live chats
  • Sends in automated email notifications that can be customized to match your brand


  • Easy-to-use, reliable, and efficient
  • Visually pleasing interface for clients
  • No downloads are required, as Demio offers a web version
  • 24/7 available customer support


  • Demio’s performance depends heavily on a stable Internet connection
  • Limited to six people presenting at once
  • Demio’s paid plan may be considered expensive for some


Demio offers a 14-day free trial, after which users can choose from three pricing plans.

Starter Plan: Use up to 50 attendee rooms at 499 USD, billed annually.

Growth Plan: Choose up to 150, 500, or 1000 attendee rooms at 899 USD, 2,199, USD, or 3,300 USD, billed annually.

Premium Plan: Choose up to 150, 500, 1000, or 3000 attendee rooms at 2,200 USD, 3,300 USD, 4,400 USD, or 8,800 USD, billed annually.

Unlimited Plan: Choose up to 150, 500, 1000, or 3000 attendee rooms at 22,000 USD, 33,000 USD, 44,000 USD, or 88,000 USD, billed annually.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is one of the best webinar software on the market, enabling individuals and organizations to work remotely, easily, and efficiently.

As a highly secure video conferencing platform, Zoho Meeting is focused on protecting your information and privacy as you conduct online meetings and presentations.

When it comes to remote work, Zoho Meeting offers an all-in-one solution with broadcast video webinars, meetings, and other features like customized emails, questionnaires, and personalized registration forms.

Key features:

  • Zoho Meeting allows clients to host live webinars, share their screens, and use YouTube live streaming to connect to a larger audience.
  • Improves engagement through audience polls, questionnaires, and its ‘Raise Hand’ feature, which permits audience members to participate in meetings
  • Customizes registration forms and emails and allows you to direct attendees to any website you want after a webinar session
  • Compiles data regarding a webinar’s registrations, attendees, and poll engagement analytics into a comprehensive report that can be downloaded in XLS and CSV formats
  • Features strong security measures such as ‘Lock Meetings’ to protect your privacy and safeguard your data


  • Easy-to-use interface with a scalable design that can be used for individual and organizational purposes
  • Features interactive webinar tools
  • It has a robust security system
  • Offers a version available for mobile devices


  • A stable Internet connection is necessary to maintain the quality of your webinar
  • It does not include a dark mode option, which would be helpful for users who spend a lot of time in front of the screen or work at night
  • Zoho Meeting’s free version has meetings set with a time limit of 60 minutes


Zoho Meeting offers a free version, which allows up to 100 participants with limited features. There is a 14-day free trial for its paid version. Zoho Meeting’s paid plan comprises a standard and professional version, with pricing starting at 1 USD per month per host.

GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar is an award-winning webinar software that acts as an all-in-one online event platform. With customizable settings, valuable analytics, engaging features, and various other tools, GoTo Webinar is the perfect solution for remote working.

GoTo Webinar provides users with the best HD video and high-quality audio to ensure a smooth online experience. With its engaging dashboard, personalized registration forms, and questionnaires, audiences are bound to stay interested in what their presenters offer.

As an all-in-one online communications platform, GoTo Webinar can integrate with marketing tools and track where its attendees come from using source tracking. It is one of the best webinar software for businesses seeking growth.

key features:

  • Host pre-recorded and live webinars
  • Create customized registration forms and emails
  • Allow screen sharing and share interactive polls to make for an engaging audience experience
  • Track your webinar’s performance with GoTo Webinar’s analytics


  • Provides an excellent HubSpot integration with marketing automation tools
  • Features a user-friendly, intuitive platform
  • Is compatible with mobile devices
  • Integrates with email marketing platforms


  • It does not offer web browser support, so the software needs to be downloaded before use
  • Some users might consider its pricing to be steep


GoTo Webinar offers a 30-day free trial, after which users need to purchase one of its four pricing plans for further use:

Lite Plan: Up to 250 attendees for 49 USD per month, billed annually

Standard Plan: Up to 500 attendees for 99 USD per month, billed annually

Pro Plan: Up to 1000 attendees for 199 USD per month, billed annually

Enterprise Plan: Up to 3000 attendees for 399 USD per month, billed annually


Zoom is a globally recognized video conferencing platform especially suited for live broadcasts to large audiences.

Although Zoom offers minimal marketing automation, its cloud-based webinar software makes it perfect for online meetings, webinars, and live events. With its HD video and premium-quality audio, Zoom creates an engaging virtual experience for remote workers.

Zoom’s interface allows users to exchange texts, images, and audio files through group and private chats. With its closed captioning feature, Zoom provides text captions for hard-of-hearing audience members or participants using the platform on mute.

As a live webinar tool, Zoom is one of the best in the market for large corporations and small businesses.

Key features:

  • Accommodates large speaker panels with up to 100 video participants
  • With Zoom’s integrative software, you can broadcast your webinars to YouTube and Facebook Live
  • Creates an interactive environment with questionnaires, in-session polls, and live chat options
  • Grants the host complete control over the webinar by allowing them to mute and unmute speakers and participants
  • Engages attendees with a virtual whiteboard that lets presenters showcase their thoughts more effectively


  • Automation tools, along with high-quality audio and video, make for a smooth online meeting experience
  • Screen-sharing helps make remote collaboration more effective
  • Zoom allows users to customize their virtual backgrounds
  • Features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Zoom is compatible with any device and offers a mobile version


  • Zoom relies heavily on a high-speed, stable Internet connection
  • Zoom sessions have a 40-minute time limit on the app’s free version, which can disrupt longer meetings
  • Zoom’s privacy and security measures have been questioned in the past, but the company has addressed these concerns by investing in encryption and password protection


Zoom offers a free version that permits personal meetings with limited additional features. Zoom’s paid plans are divided into pro, business, and enterprise packages, with pricing starting at 12.49 USD per month per user.


ClickMeeting is a popular webinar software known for its audience engagement and marketing tools, webinar analytics, and user-friendly interface.

As a leading webinar platform, ClickMeeting uses multiple cameras and state-of-the-art audio equipment to provide customers with a seamless virtual event. ClickMeeting’s webinar software allows users to record and download webinars and conduct large-scale webinars for global audiences.

Key features:

  • Offers a ‘Subaccounts’ option that delegates webinar-related duties to different members of your team
  • Provides integration with marketing automation and email marketing platforms
  • Allows users to record and download a live webinar
  • Its virtual whiteboard and live chat features make online presentations more engaging
  • Provides insightful analytics derived from data related to your webinar’s performance


  • Features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Well-equipped for large-scale online events
  • Offers customizable webinar invitations
  • Features a browser-based platform that works on all devices, which means no downloads are required


  • Some users have stated that the function of exporting files to a webinar could use some improvement
  • Relies on a stable Internet connection


ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial, after which customers need to choose a pricing plan.

Live Plan: 30 USD per month

Automated Plan: 45 USD per month

Custom Plan: For companies looking to host webinars for up to 10,000 people, price depends on the number of attendees and the features you opt for


WebinarJam is one of the best webinar software for integrating CRM (customer relationship management). With its live casting, streaming, and webinar broadcasting, WebinarJam is perfect for those looking for a more traditional video conferencing platform.

Although WebinarJam lacks scheduling and automation tools, it syncs seamlessly with EverWebinar, designed by the same team, to give you an all-in-one combination that fulfills all your webinar hosting needs.

Key features:

  • Allows you to stream live content to YouTube, Facebook, and WebinarJam’s private broadcaster, ‘JamCast’
  • Features an automatic recording option to record all your webinars and share them with EverWebinar
  • Provides analytics on your webinar’s performance
  • Allows you to customize your pages to maintain your brand image
  • It gives users the option of inserting videos in their webinars


  • Features an easy-to-use and organized interface
  • Allows you to screen-share
  • Lets hosts run interactive polls and questionnaires through a live chat
  • Features a virtual whiteboard
  • Protects users’ security by making webinar rooms password encoded
  • Offers a full refund if users are not satisfied with the webinar software within 30 days of purchasing it


  • Some users might feel that using WebinarJam without combining it with EverWebinar does not meet all their virtual event needs
  • It does not feature waiting rooms


Although WebinarJam does not offer free trials, it has a 14-day trial period where you can try any pricing plans for just 1 USD.

Starter Plan: Up to 100 attendees for 39 USD per month, billed annually

Basic Plan: Up to 500 attendees for 79 USD per month, billed annually

Professional Plan: Up to 2000 attendees for 229 USD per month, billed annually

Enterprise Plan: Up to 5000 attendees for 379 USD per month, billed annually


As remote work becomes increasingly common, the relevance of webinars will also increase. This is why picking a webinar software that matches your business goals and budget is essential.

With all the options on the market, finding the solution to your webinar needs can take time and effort. But don’t worry! Having gone through this article, you have all the information you need to know what to look for in webinar software and the options you can choose from.

You are now more than ready to pick webinar software to meet your needs and bring your business to the next level.

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