Sheets Genie Project Templates: Recipes & Automations for Use Cases

Sheets Genie Project Templates are special Google Sheets spreadsheets that have Sheets Genie code attached to them. This special code is how they’re able to work their magic (in combination with the Sheets Genie Chrome extension).

To get started using Sheets Genie, make a copy of the Sheets Genie Project Template of your choice after you’ve installed the Sheets Genie Chrome extension.

Recommended Sheets Genie Project Templates strategy

My recommended strategy for using and developing automations with Sheets Genie Project Templates:

  • Develop a basic DIY skill level with + Sheets Genie (optional, but super powerful)
  • Take advantage of DFY Sheets Genie Project Templates whenever possible to jumpstart your automations
  • Now you have tons of power: you can take advantage of DFY Project Templates and also modify them to suit your own purposes

DIY Project Templates: boost your Do It Yourself skills and capabilities

DFY: Done For You Project Templates (at least, started for you)

  • DFY Project Templates coming soon
  • I will ideally get feedback on what people want the most and go from there

Request new Sheets Genie Project Templates

I’ll provide a link here soon to either a Facebook poll or some other voting tool to help you get your voice heard about what other DFY Sheets Genie Project Templates you’d like to ideally see in the future.