The Best AI Tools To Get The Business Results of Your Dreams

The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded in the past few years, with an overload of cutting-edge tools and solutions more accessible than ever. Studies show the global market is forecasted to reach $1,811.8 billion in less than a decade, making it even more important to take the leap and learn how to integrate the use of the top AI software to reach your true business potential.

While it might seem overwhelming, all new things do! It’s clear that AI software platforms are here to stay. Our experts have crafted this guide to make it easy, so you can jump straight into the essential tools needed to keep your business progressing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using AI Tools

The business world is ever-evolving, and as the ‘new kid on the block,’ AI software solutions have emerged on the scene and revolutionized the way millions of businesses have achieved their goals. There has been plenty of buzz around the technology due to the host of advantages it can do to skyrocket your business operations. 


With machine learning tools and algorithms, AI can streamline mundane and repetitive tasks so you can allocate precious human resources more strategically to higher-value assignments. AI automation tools have been popularized, not just for their business efficiency, but for the improved accuracy in their deliverables by eliminating human errors. 

Integrating AI solutions has become key to staying ahead of the business-operations game. 


The top AI software can bring a whole new level of personalization to your business using the analysis of audience data to understand and tailor the online experience based on customer preferences, online behaviors, and demographics. Buyers get product recommendations, find what they need faster, and get customized solutions to problems they weren’t even looking for! 

Personalization insights have proven invaluable to businesses to refine marketing strategies, see gaps in their product offering, and understand their audiences deeper. 

When businesses take advantage of AI personalization, it has been proven to forge stronger connections with customers for amplified conversions and long-term customer relationships.


One of the most powerful capabilities that the top AI software can offer a business is the ability to make evidence-based decisions driven by data. The best artificial intelligence tools can take vast amounts of data and quickly process trends and patterns in a deep dive analysis (that could have taken months if based on manpower). 

The analytic data can provide new opportunities for sales, identify risks, or help forecast so your business not only has the competitive edge but can confidently operate knowing they have tapped into its true potential. 


Most companies have growth goals and expectations, and scalability is crucial to meeting those. AI technology tools make it easy to integrate workflows that are scalable, promoting growth while also adapting and growing with the business, meaning you won’t be outgrowing the top AI solutions when you reach your next business milestone. 

Regardless of how you choose to integrate the top AI software into your business, its adaptiveness and nature supports seamless business expansion and increased performance. 

Cost Savings

The cost-saving opportunities feel endless once you hone into the best artificial intelligence tools. Businesses love the lower operational costs by automating key parts of their workflow with AI automation tools. 

AI analytics tools also identify cost reduction areas in the business or inefficiency, allowing all business types to amplify their revenue while driving cost reduction company-wide. 

The Qualities That the Best AI Tools Possess

When delving into an AI tools comparison, keep in mind that they aren’t all equal. Even though they are all artificial intelligence, doesn’t automatically mean they were built for the same purpose.

This makes it even more essential to consider the AI software solutions, individual functions, and qualities when shopping around so you make decisions based on how they integrate with your business before investing. 

Your AI tools comparison may take some time, but when you find the AI software solutions that match your goals, the rewards and possibilities are endless!  

Our experts have nailed down the key qualities that the best AI tools possess to help you along your AI tools comparison journey: 

  • Machine learning tools: Top AI tools will utilize machine learning algorithms for advanced analysis on large data sets, allowing them to make predictions, identify patterns and continuously improve their performance to help amplify business performance. 
  • Accuracy: Delivering accurate results should be at the forefront of the best artificial intelligence tools. Their outputs need to be delivering reliable results on a consistent basis to help businesses drive meaningful outcomes. 
  • Customizability: The best AI tools boast options that allow for customization so each business can tailor the algorithm and functionalities to meet their specific requirements, giving them a fit-like-a-glove business solution. 
  • Integration Compatibility: Your current software and systems should work in tandem with the best artificial intelligence tools. Ensuring that seamless integration with your current workflow is possible means you don’t have any disruptions to current operations by re-creating infrastructure, and you maximize efficiency across the business. 
  • Scalability: Ensure that your selected AI software solution not only helps you scale your business now but also is fit for purpose when your business rapidly evolves with the demands. This ensures you can continue to tap into new markets and reach optimal performance efficiently for the long run. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: If it’s not intuitive and user-friendly, you don’t want it. The top AI software knows not all users are technical experts and have set up their platforms to be used by all skill levels with easy-to-navigate interfaces that remove the steep learning curve and enhance user adoption.
  • Security and Privacy: Data security, encryption, and compliance measures are essential to protect sensitive information and maintain customer trust, especially if you use the tool for any customer data. Always check to make sure you are complying with GDPR and taking precautions to avoid any sinister data compromises through unprotected tools.
  • Versatility: Any AI software solution you choose needs to prioritize versatility to ensure you get the most bang for your buck and have a tool in your arsenal to take on any task your evolving business throws your way. Look for a range of applications, such as natural language processing, image recognition, data analysis, and more.

The Five Best AI Tools On The Market

With the notable AI trend, the growing demand for advanced capabilities has skyrocketed, leading to a suite of outstanding AI technology tools that are reshaping the internet. 

Our experts have shortlisted the best artificial intelligence tools on the market so you can jump right into your AI tools comparison to see what works best with your business goals, getting you results even faster. 

Jasper AI

It’s easy to see why Jasper AI has claimed a space as one of the best artificial intelligence tools on the market. Renowned for its content creation capabilities, businesses are turning to Jasper AI to quickly turn around high-quality content that gets results. 

Jasper AI creates content using state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning – from engaging blog posts, compelling product descriptions, or comprehensive long-form content that is post-ready in just minutes. 

Take the guesswork out of content creation and leave more valuable resource time for strategizing by using Jasper AI.

Key Benefits of Jasper AI:

✓ Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines and automates tasks, optimizing processes and saving valuable time and resources

✓ Improved Decision-Making: Delivering textual data insights for heightened decision-making

✓ Marketing Effectiveness: Enhanced marketing efforts with personalized messaging, tailored recommendations, and high-quality copy

✓ Business Growth and Success: The ability to make data-driven decisions, enhanced customer engagement, and streamlined operations have grown millions of businesses 

If your business is looking to overcome content creation challenges, Jasper AI will be a saving grace in achieving scalable content plans that capture attention, drive engagement, and strengthen your brand. 


Pictory, another top-tier artificial intelligence tool, has garnered recognition for its easy-to-use and automated capabilities for video content creation. With video engagement stats through the roof, businesses are adopting Pictory to effortlessly produce captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impression on the audiences, all within a few clicks of a finger.

Pictory merges advanced image recognition, deep learning, and machine learning to render stunning content that gets results while eliminating the need for extensive design skills or time-consuming manual work. It’s easy to see why it has become a fan favorite between businesses and content creators alike. 

Key Benefits of Pictory:

✓ Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline and automate the creation of visual content, saving valuable time and resources in the process 

✓ Increased Engagement: Captivate your audience with visually appealing and impactful videos and webinars

✓ Brand Consistency: Maintain consistency across your visual content with customizable templates and design elements 

✓ Marketing Effectiveness: Attention-grabbing visuals elevate marketing and resonate with your target audience

✓ Business Growth and Success: Tapping into visual storytelling is proven to drive growth, establish brand identity, and create memorable experiences for the audience

Check out Pictory if you’re looking for an optimal solution to overcome content creation challenges and achieve scalable visual content strategies that will skyrocket your business goals, elevate your brand, and drive revenue. 


Want to create impactful videos but don’t have access to cameras, microphones, and actors? Synthesia makes it so much easier to produce top-quality and result-driven video assets.

Using AI technology tools such as natural language processing, machine learning, and speech synthesis, Synthesia has emerged on the scene as one of the top AI software on the market. 

It offers groundbreaking features such as customized & animated AI avatars, professional voiceovers in vast amounts of tones and languages, and even voice cloning. It has been a holy grail to low-cost, high-impact video production. 

Whether it’s narrations, product demonstrations, or even interactive dialogues, Synthesia’s features add a touch of professionalism and authenticity to video content, bringing it to life easier than ever before. 

Key Benefits of Synthesia: 

✓ Enhanced Visual Appeal: Create visually engaging videos with limited supplies

✓ Personalized Branding: Customize AI avatars to reflect your brand’s identity, ensuring consistency and reinforcing brand recognition

✓ Streamlined Video Production: Save time by creating click-worthy content in minutes or by automating video creation processes

✓ Business Savings: By automating video creation and providing easy-to-use tools, produce high-quality videos efficiently and effectively without a large investment

With Synthesia, video production has never been easier by allowing businesses to captivate audiences and stay current with on-demand content types. 

If you’re looking to revolutionize your video production efforts, establish a strong brand presence, and captivate your audience all without a video production team, Synthesia might be your new best friend. 

Brainflow (Lucia)

Writing engaging copy can be a real challenge for many businesses, and it doesn’t discriminate against sectors. It can be time-consuming knowing just what to write, doing the research or writing outlines for a marketing agency, and then finding the right writer… but we all know the power of crafting captivating blog posts, eloquent campaigns, or even comprehensive reports. 

Quality copy is proven to get you results. This is where Brainflow comes in. Previously named Lucia, this gem ranks as one of our top AI software for its ability to quickly and effectively revolutionize your written content creation.

Utilizing the best natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies, Brainflow takes your writing to a whole new level. In minutes, you will have polished and impactful pieces that grasp the attention of your audience.

Key Benefits of Brainflow: 

✓ Maximized Conversion: Content tailored to support your conversion goals, driving tangible results and increasing your bottom line

✓ Enhanced Customer Engagement: Engaging content for fostering deeper connection and engagement

✓ Consistent Quality: All content is captured perfectly, reinforcing your brand identity within a few clicks

✓ Increased Productivity: Curated prompts and templates mean more content in less time

✓ Tailored Recommendations: Tailored recommendations help you target your audience more effectively, delivering personalized experiences that resonate and drive meaningful interactions

With Brainflow, you can say goodbye to writer’s block and missing posting key content. With its intelligent suggestions, content expansions or compressions, and seamless text rephrasing, you and your new writing companion can take on all your copy needs for impactful results!


ChatGPT shook the internet with its capacity to engage in (surprisingly life-like!) conversation, helping businesses across the globe answer questions, complete tasks, and simplify complexity in lay terms.

It’s renowned for having a business companion on-call, as one of the most widely known in the market. You’ll often see it boasted as the best artificial intelligence tool you can integrate into your business. 

Tapping into top-of-the-line natural language processing and machine learning, ChatGPT provides unexpectedly dynamic responses, separating it from ‘just another chatbot.’ 

Key Benefits of ChatGPT: 

✓ Increased Productivity: ChatGPT handles routine inquiries and tasks, streamlining your operations 

✓ Personalized User Experience: By understanding context and user preferences, ChatGPT delivers personalized responses

✓ Scalability: Seamlessly adapts to all sizes of data and interactions to assist with tasks of all sizes and stimulate business growth

✓ Versatility: Ask it anything – The digital virtual assistant-style conversation is invaluable to all businesses

✓ Cost Savings: From lead generation, client email responses, or email campaigns, ChatGPT can streamline these tasks and free your staff for more impactful projects

If you want a great all-around AI software solution that will streamline your business, talk through challenges like a business partner, and even create content, have a chat with ChatGPT! 

The Five Best AI Tools Within Applications

With the demand for AI technology tools continuing to skyrocket, all sorts of software and platforms have jumped on board, intertwining AI with their applications to innovate business operations. 

Our experts shared five of their most prominent AI-infused applications, giving you the industry standards to modernize your business landscape. 


Designed to cater effortlessly to all your writing needs, GrammarlyGO is the writing assistant built directly into Grammarly. 

It weaves in the top AI technology to not only check the punctuation and grammar (as Grammarly is known for) but to take things a step further, assisting with all types of copy, like composing professional emails, crafting compelling blog posts, or polishing documents. 

Businesses will love the ability to generate copy directly in apps and platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Medium, making it an easy tool to reach for. 

Key Benefits of GrammarlyGO: 

✓ Fast, Effortless Writing: Write anything you need in seconds, just provide the prompt! 

✓ Enhanced Writing Accuracy: Catches grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors so your content is error-free, credible and professional

✓ Timely and Contextual Replies: Contextual, automatic email replies are just a setting away

✓ Clarity and Cohesion: Improve style and tone, making your content more engaging while staying on brand

✓ Higher Conversion Rates: Boost conversions with error-free content written to achieve results

GrammarlyGo is an innovative AI software solution that has forever changed the way businesses use Grammarly, elevating it from just a proofreading solution to one of the best artificial intelligence tools to help boost your business success! 

Canva AI

Canva was already at the top of its game before further epitomizing creativity. Its release of Canva AI allows you to create stunning visuals, videos, and copy by simply describing what you have in your imagination. Within a few clicks, you have everything you need to tell your brand story and captivate your audience.

Key Benefits of CanvaAI: 

✓ Time-Efficient Design: Streamlined design process reduces the time needed to create eye-catching assets 

✓ Customizable Templates: A wide range of templates so your designs are unique and captivating 

✓ Consistent Branding: Maintain a consistent and cohesive identity across all visual content

✓ Maximized Social Reach: Creating shareable and visually striking graphics to boost engagement across platforms

You don’t need extensive design skills to create striking content, and you don’t need hefty marketing budgets to get the imagery you need. CanvaAI has revolutionized content creation, allowing businesses globally to reach their true potential. 

Bard (Google AI)

Everyone knows Google, so their release of Bard has had a major impact on the digital world. Their conversational AI service taps into the expansive knowledge of the web and leverages the tech of large language models to simplify complex topics and provide fresh, high-quality responses tailored to your queries, acting as a business owner’s best friend. 

Key Benefits of Bard: 

✓ Simplified Information Retrieval: Effortlessly simplify complex topics and convey them in a way anyone can understand

✓ Language Translation and Localization: Expanded reach and cross-cultural communication by translating text keeping original tone

✓ Increased Efficiency: Lightning-fast responses and contextual awareness enable you to save time and get the answers you need

✓ Empowering Education: Insights, study materials, and research for commercial up-skilling or hosting programs at your fingertips

✓ Amplified Engagement and Conversions: Generating high-quality and engaging content keeps users on your platform longer, increasing the likelihood of conversions and brand loyalty

Bard’s ability to understand and process natural language, along with its lightning-fast access to information, has it nesting with the Top AI software of 2023. If your business wants to gain invaluable insights, seamless translations, or result-driven content creation, be prepared for Bard to reach and scale your business goals!  

Adobe Photoshop AI

Generative Fill (or Adobe Photoshop AI)’s tagline is perfect: “Dream it, type it, see it.” The integration of AI into Photoshop software now gives you more creative power than ever before, with the ability to modify or create imagery with text prompts. 

You won’t have to create key assets your company already owns just to make tweaks, freshen them up, or as a kickstarter for all new visuals. Businesses will love the unparalleled flexibility and precision in photo editing, graphics creation, and design enhancements with the fastest turnaround times yet. 

Key Benefits of Adobe Photoshop AI: 

✓ Streamlined Workflows: Simplify complex editing tasks and maximize efficiency

✓ Competitive Edge: Stand out in a crowded market with visually stunning and engaging content

✓ Enhanced Quality: Achieve professional-grade visuals that engage audiences, whether online or print

✓ Boosted Engagement: Show-stopping visuals created-to-purpose will have your audience engaging with your brand longer, raising conversions

Adobe Photoshop is already a business staple, and with the new Generative Fill AI functionality, it is easy to recommend as one of the best artificial intelligence tools on the market. If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your current tools or workflow while creating imagery like never before, Adobe Photoshop AI should be your next step. 

Microsoft AI

Microsoft’s suite of products and services has been a constant top-tier as technology has continued to evolve, so it is no surprise they have infused their offering with the best artificial intelligence tools available. Microsoft AI offers a comprehensive range of AI solutions businesses have been drooling over.

From creating reports more quickly and accurately to coding across multiple types of languages, there is something for every business to benefit from with this dynamic and powerful AI software solution.

✓ Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time data analytics and insights available with intelligent interpretations.

✓ Increase Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and automated tasks so your team focuses on high-value activities

✓ Futureproofing: Embrace cutting-edge technology to remain competitive without ever outgrowing your tech

✓ Drive Business Growth: Identify new opportunities, optimize operations, and drive revenue growth

✓ Curated Content: Craft personalized content to resonate with your audience

Microsoft AI’s full breadth of business solutions is a dreamy way to achieve your business goals in no time. From solving commercial complexities to coding or content creation, it is a solution that will optimize your business and drive unparalleled success. 

AI Tools Aren’t Going Anywhere

With the rise of AI software solutions, business in the digital space has been revolutionized. With all the new potential to streamline operations, tap into personalized and captivating content, and reconfigure everyday tools, it is no wonder new AI tools are emerging with each passing day. 

AI software solutions are here to stay, with this being the first milestone in the revolutionary, international movement. 

Want to take the next step in growing your business? Get next-level, AI driven results: Click to download our curated list of AI tools recommended by Online Success Genie!